UPoker has always held close to heart the values of having a player first mindset, incorporating a global poker community & upholding poker as a mind-sport. Here is a look at the advancements UPoker mobile poker game platform has made in the past year.

UPoker Lucky Draw

26 June 2020

Exclusive UPoker merchandise giveaway event. Lucky Winners were selected from the UPoker global poker community to win A UPoker- Designer T-Shirt with the UPoker Shark-Tank shirt alongside the sophisticated and sturdy UPoker Cap to add flavor to your poker fashion.

UAnniversary - UPoker Story

8 July 2020

Player’s were given an opportunity to reflect back on their most memorable UPoker moments with UPoker Story.

The link displayed all the best hands, biggest wins, total number of hands played, a players favourite poker-mode and many other nostalgic facts to rekindle memories of the good times.

UAnniversary - Table Emoji

8 July 2020

A new celebratory Table-Emoji ‘The Dancing Party Frog’ was introduced to UPoker lovers the world over. It surely got the Anniversary party mood going on the poker tables.

UAnniversary - Achievement Frames

8 July 2020

The UAnniversary also saw the launch of the achievement & rewards section of the UPoker application. Here, players get to do more and win more by receiving awards for accomplishing daily tasks. This includes winning MTTs, reaching a set hand-play milestones and even for simply using more emojis on the table.

UPoker Support Went Live

16 September 2020

This was a breakthrough moment in online poker service history.

UPoker opened live support in the most efficient way possible thanks to extensive research and continuous support from UPoker’s technical team.

Halloween Season

15 October 2020

UPoker had the halloween Emoji pack establishing the seasonal Emoji sensation.

Black Friday

18 November 2020

UPoker celebrated Black Friday with the poker world by organizing a sale.

Christmas Celebrations

25 December 2020

A First ever international MTT in the UPoker Platform paving the path for Global online MTTs in the future.

New Year Bonus

1 January 2021

Every UPoker player celebrated 2021 as a VIP.

Grand CNY Celebration

13 February 2021

With a seasonal emoji and table theme, UPoker truly  changed its outlook for the 2021 Lunar New Year.

There was also a free diamond giveaway campaign.

Live Chat 10, 000 Inquiries answered

16 March 2021

A Total of 10, 053 live inquiries were solved by our every vigilant UPoker Care team.

Easter Bunny Campaign

31 March 2021

Easter Bunny Campaign introduction of a new character to the UPoker emoji arsenal, the White Easter Bunny.

#upokerhappy TikTok Challenge

26 April 2021

Show what makes you happy, and dance to win cash prizes.

1 Million Inquiries Answered

3 May 2021

UPoker Care’s customer support team earned new stripes as a new major service milestone is crossed.

Share hand Details

19 May 2021

This new feature allows UPoker lovers to share their best hands at HD quality without using their device space

UPoker reaches 1Million Downloads

30 May 2021

1 million download count was accumulated between UPoker’s PC, Android and iOS platform downloads.

UPoker Daily Lobby VIP MTTs

16 June 2021

UPoker’s Lobby MTTs just got a lot more exciting with even great surprises coming up.

UPoker's Theme Song is completed

29 June 2021

Time to raise the stakes in style with the Ultimate poker beat… The Future.

Check it out in the link below:
UPoker – ‘U’ The One